Services & Guarantees

Western Roofing Master Roofers Ltd provides complete flat roofing installations. Our crews are fully trained in Built up Roofing, Modified Bituminous Roofing and Single Ply Roofing. Our sheet metal team installs all types of roofing and cladding including our own standing seam roofing panels and flush wall panels.

RoofStar Guarantee Program

Since 1960, the Roofing Contractors Association of BC has provided Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional building owners with a third party roof guarantee, a first in Canada. Over 20,000 roofs have been completed under this program.

The guarantee program offers coverage on BOTH workmanship and RCABC Guarantee Corp accepted materials for 5 years. This combination of guarantees is not available from any other source.

Contact us for your guarantee now or visit the RCABC website below for more information!


Western Roofing Master Roofers Ltd experience and diversity with manufacturer’s products allows for a vast array of roofing projects.